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An angel number is believed to be a message send to you by your guardian angel, or it might also be an angel near you. The numbers can vary, however the common thing to look out for is repeating numbers. Either numbers that have a pattern(ex: 1212, 444 etc), or seeing the numbers over and over again. To see their meanings, look them up.
Person 1: Lately I've seen the number 555 pop out anywhere
Person 2: Oh, you should get ready for some huge changes.

in a few months

Person 1: How did you know this was going to happen?!
Person 2: Honey, that is an angel number.
by randomwitch69 August 23, 2022
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A guy who has a bunch of unsorted things, with which he can help you find something to your liking.
A: He has 1000+ unsorted manga. Good thing he had something with my taste
B: Let me guess, his name is asdfblarg
by randomwitch69 October 25, 2022
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Faceless Ayato reffers to a group of videos on tiktok, in which a russian player downloaded genshin from a sketchy website and now the game is haunted by an entety many people call Faceless Ayato. Ayato is a character in the game and he isnt supposed to appear as of when they are in the game at the moment. When you look at the videos, you can see the front texture of his face isnt there, but his eyes are. That is why they call him faceless. Never the less, this is probably only a creepypasta but that is still interesting. To see the translated videos, on tiktok the username of the translator is @bububimi_
A: Bro, Faceless Ayato is in my game!
by randomwitch69 November 17, 2022
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