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1) An area of terrain that is well defended, creating a killing ground for enemy troops

2) A good FPS game for PS2, that should not be compared to Halo as they are too dissimilar in style to be compared effectively. Halo takes a vastly different approach to the space opera genre to Killzone. While Halo decided to focus on fast-paced human vs alien combat with exotic weaponry, Killzone was designed to be a brutal and gritty human civil war in space, and it succeeds in creating a dark, post-apocalyptic atmosphere which is exciting, dramatic and thrilling in its own way.

i.e. stop saying that Killzone was/wasn't a halo-beater and just have fun!
"Killzone is visually amazing and the gameplay rocks harder than you dare dream" -OPS2 Magazine Issue 51 (October 2004)
by random Star Wars-liking person January 13, 2006

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A large tank-like vehicle, only with legs rather than tracks, ergo the name "Walker"
Walkers are not humanoid in design and should not be confused with mechs
A walker can have any number of legs from 2 upwards
"Imperial Walkers!" -referring to the AT-ATs of Star Wars fame
by random Star Wars-liking person January 11, 2006

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