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when you have heard something that completely displeases you, and you must ask..

anne talor: sucka you got served!

rickie lake: SAY WHAT??

alex trebek: you must answer in the form of a question!
by rancor June 06, 2004
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Person who upon friending you on a social website then goes through your entire list of friend's to add as many of them as possible.
I added Lori Paul on Facebook and she immediately added every single person my list she could, she's quite the ganker.
by Rancor January 27, 2015
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when you want to say "lmao" (laughing my ass off), but want to be rockin' than everybody else.
charles: dude i just said a quite hilarious anecdote

michale-alexander: LMAONAISE!
by rancor June 06, 2004
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he has teh gay =o
Milkman has teh gay =o
by rancor January 27, 2003
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