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To back out of a social event you said you would attend; particularly common in Seattle.
Jana: "Where's Kate? She said she'd be here."
Mark: "I think she Seattled out."

Mom: "Are you going to meet your friends for a movie at the park?"
Me: "No, I think I'm gonna Seattle out."
by rachem September 08, 2012
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This word is suitable for all occasions. You can call someone Hen when you greet them (hi hen), say good bye (bye hen), want their attention (HEN) or in a pervy way (oh hi hen) Or even just for the hell of it. Hen does not discriminate. It doesnt care if your male, female, gay, straight, black or white. Everyone can be called Hen!! But the most apt i think is AWH HEN. This can be used to break long or awkward silences or even when you have no idea what to say.
For example... *friend* - I've just been told i have 2 weeks to live *You* - Awh hen
by Rachem April 22, 2009
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