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An image of a dog in a lawyer's office, wearing a suit and a pair glasses. Because if its randomness, the only proper way to respond to a picture of lawyerdog is "wut".
A: {posts picture of lawyerdog}
B: wut
C: wut
D: wut
by qwertyblab May 28, 2008

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The act of trying to walk by someone who is coming toward you, but failing

A typical zoobing situation works like this
-Person A is walking toward person B
-Person B is walking toward person A
-Person A moves to his right to avoid Person B
-Person B moves to his left to avoid Person A
-They switch off as many times as necessary until passing is achieved
-Dude, I just had an intense round of zoobing! I had 10 zoobs before he moved over!!
-10 zoobs!?!?! NO WAY!!
by qwertyblab May 28, 2008

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to recite or include a passage from a work that is not your own. Basically, a way to get out of actually thinking and making other people do the work for you
WRONG: I need 40 quotes for this project
RIGHT: I need 40 quotations for this project

-Yeah, I need a few more lines to meet the page requirement, so I think I'll quote Benjamin Franklin.
by qwertyblab June 17, 2009

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