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Makeup applied onto the upper eyelid; most often using liquid eyeliner, pencil or gel; curves out to create a pointy wing
Have you seen Rashelle's perfect winged eyeliner? No one can do it as well as her!
by queenr February 26, 2015
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Known for much more than partying. RU is no longer #1 in STD's anymore (cough, JMU is). RU has more accredited cirriculums than VT , they have eight doctoral-degree granting public universities such as, doctoral programs specializing in the health field, has better student teacher relationships due to smaller classroom sizes.

Radford was recognized in a national study as an "Institution of Excellence in the First College Year" for the breadth of quality of programs that assist student in their transition to college life.

U.S.News & World Report has ranked Radford in the South's top 25 master's level public universities in its Guide to America's Best Colleges.....I can go on and on for "smart" category.

RU is about the students and the studies, not football. For the record VT students come to RU because they don't know how to party unless they win a damn game, and even then its weak. Perks, RU has a damn river in our backyard and the campus is F'ing Beautiful!!
Radford University: "DREAD THE RED"

Radford University: "RU READY?"
by queenr January 7, 2011
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