9 definitions by quagblar

Is a person who is large, loved by a few, but loathed by many. A Jer-Bear likes to eat anything that has salt, fat, and protein. Recreational behaviors usually involve games that are digitally based. A Jer-Bear will often go to conventions dressed as a character from those games.
My friend is such a Jer-Bear.
by quagblar December 7, 2013
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Derogatory word refering to some one of Arab heritage.
by quagblar March 3, 2007
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1. One who is a talentless hack.

2. Someone who only has a career in the entertainment industry because she shares the same last name as her sister.
This person sucks. looks like they pulled an Ashley Simpson.
by quagblar March 5, 2007
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A rod used to measure the oil level of the whatchamacallit
please check the nimrod
by quagblar March 3, 2007
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To give somebody an inadequate amount of something.
Hey man. Don't jewball me. There are plenty of mashed potatos.
by quagblar December 8, 2013
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