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A newer Hard-Rock band and possibly the best anyone has seen or will see for a long time. They are one of the last glimmers of hope for the Hard-Rock genre after it was overcome by bandwagen following "Pussy-Pop-Shit-Rock" bands whom carelessly call themselves Hard-Rock (green day, my chemical romance, the used). The band is indeed heavy, and would be thought to be Metal, but the members of Disturbed prefer them be considered Hard-Rock. Unlike most new "Hard-Rock" bands, they don't whine about shit, but instead confront it using music with macabre riffs and and intence, meaningful lyrics. I challenge any "hater" or whatever the fuck you pussy's call yourselves to read just the lyrics of any Disturbed song and tell me that it has no meaning, and doesn't make you stop and think about the point Draiman is introducing (covers don't count, assholes).
David Draiman - Vocals
Dan Donegan - Guitar
Mike Wengren - Drums
John Moyer - Bass (replaced "Fuzz" in mid 2005)

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by pyrovision November 23, 2005

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