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Used to mean an encroachment of personal privacy or space, invited or uninvited. Some form of pressure, either physical or mental, i.e. a woman dancing really close to another guy; a landlord pressuring for rent.

Can be used to imply sexual interest, as in someone who is intensely flirting/mackin on someone else, either physically or figuratively. Implies intense or clear sexual interest and pursuit. Same as all over him, related to all up on his balls or all up in his business. Can be used for both genders (i.e. he was all up on her)
Girl was all up on him in the club, backin her booty up.

She was all up on him, wouldn't leave him alone, tryin to get his number n shit

Damn, why you all up on me? I'll get you your shit, I swear.
by ptree March 25, 2008

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Up in someone's business, getting on someone's case, harping on someone, aggressively invasive or pursuant. Can be used to mean a woman whose aggressively pursuing a man. Can also be said all over my balls or just on my balls, or in terms of get off my balls or get off my back
My landlord was all up on my balls for the rent this month, dude needs to chill out

Your girl was all over your balls last night at that party

Man, why you all up on my balls, I already said sorry

Dude, get off my balls about it
by ptree March 25, 2008

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Usually referring to someone whose actions have ulterior motives, generally sexual; someone who's skeemin/schemin' on someone else. Can also be used in a general sense for anyone who seems sketchy or deceptive, and probably clumsy at it. Probably a combination of skeemin and lunchbox.
Yo, my man has been hangin on Cindy all night, what a skeem box.

Skeem box over here is totally trying to mack on my jaunt.

by ptree March 25, 2008

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1) Name for the crazy large mutant street rats found in the city, often mistaken for small house cats and seen scurrying around late at night

2) A person acting crazy or stupid, overly goofy, bizarre, or excited, usually used in a humorously pejorative manner, sometimes refers to a state reached from excessive use of caffeine or alcohol. Someone who gets their crackage on. Similar to lunchbox or goofball or crackhead.
Dude, did you see that crack rat? Almost bit off my toe!

You are such a crack rat, why did you take your clothes off in the hallway?!

I am such a crack rat, I sucked down 5 red bulls in an hour.
by ptree March 25, 2008

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Plotting or scheming to get something or someone, usually with the intention of seeming innocuous. Doing or saying things specifically to get with someone, usually sexual. Hardcore mackin on someone to the extent of seeming sketchy or excessive.
That guy is mad skeemin on you, keeps sendin drinks over.

That lunchbox is totally skeemin on ma pizza, I can see him eyin it from here.

Yer totally skeemin on that dude, all up on his balls.

Man, he's totally skeemin for your number.
by ptree March 25, 2008

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