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One who eats a gluten free diet, not because they have celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity but because they heard they can lose weight.

One who is a glutard groupie. (i.e. a gloupie)

One who craves the attention brought on by a special diet. (i.e. borderline personality disorder, psychosomatic, histrionic, Munchhausen, aka annoying)
Terry: Hey biatch, what be up? You look fantabulous! Whatcha been doin'?

Christina: Ives been gluten free. Ives lost me some hella lbs!

Terry: Damn girl, you don't effin lose pounds from a gluten free diet. You's can still have french fries, snickers, ice cream, potato chips, cheeze puffs, pork rinds, whip cream and all sorts of shit that can give you things like sugar diabetes. Gluten free ain't healthy unless you are allergic to gluten.

Christina: Um, okay but when I go to a restaurant the chef comes out to talk to me to see if the food was good. I gets my way and I am loosing weight.

Terry: Oh hells no! Damn girl, you is glutardish.
by psychnp February 22, 2011

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Being part of or watching a flash mob.
I am mobbing today in downtown Seattle. Our spontaneous dance will be filmed and uploaded to you tube.
by PsychNP April 10, 2010

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