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A method for drug dealers to fold money so they can take money out of a wallet or pocket without taking their eyes off the junkie or the merchandise.

Keep the $1 bill flat and unfolded.

Fold the $5 bill in half crosswise (with the short ends together).

Fold the $10 bill in half lengthwise (with the long sides together).

Fold the $20 bill like a $10 bill lengthwise, and then in half again crosswise, like the $5 bill
During the stop, a K9 unit alerted to the presence of narcotics in M’s vehicle. It was searched and deputies found crack cocaine in the ashtray. They also found large sums of money in both the vehicle and M’s wallet, arranged in “street folds,” a way that drug dealers maintain separate denominations.
by psuedon July 4, 2013
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Also known as Multiple Systems; Related to Otherkin: People who describe themselves as multiple systems (also known as multiples, multiplicity, plurals, alts, and many other names) take the idea of headmates one step further by believing that they actually have multiple people who make up their multiple personalities. So a person who describes themselves as a multiple system will likely refer to themselves as "they" because they believe they are multiple people. When they are acting as the personality of one of their headmates, they call this "fronting".

Some multiple systems will have headmates who are animals, otherkin people, and, of course, fictional characters. There are also people who believe they have galaxies, nebulae, universes, and other space shit, either in their "headspace" or as an otherkin. So some people will believe they are actually galaxies.
From what we’ve observed on tumblr in the multiplicity community, we’ve noticed that systems whose body or core/host is FAAB (female assigned at birth) tend to have a majority of male headmates, and then the majority of those male headmates tend to be queer in some way.
by psuedon April 7, 2013
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The projected realm inside the mind, where individual headmates may be able to interact with each other and even potentially carry out a day-to-day life separate from the world outside the system’s body (i.e. “real world”).

This phenomena occurs when there is a system of personalities operating within the mind/brain/body. This is often called a multiplicity or Multiple Systems

A multiplicity is a state in which many people share one physical body. Being multiple means that one exists as part of a group of people, with all the benefits and drawbacks and chances for talents or interesting natures that any other group of people would have.

It is not automatically a disorder, and it is not automatically something which must be changed in order to promote mental or physical health. It is not automatic godhood, proof of genius status, or even proof of severe sexual trauma
Don't mind us we are just redecorating our headspace
by psuedon April 8, 2013
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An alternate personality or identity living in your head. Similar to a roommate or a house mate, but inside your skull. A person who describes themselves as having headmates is saying that they have people living in their heads who they have conversations with.

Some people can claim different ethnicities or sexualities, thus allowing them to join an autonomous caucus (for instance queer or women’s) that they were not otherwise entitled to join.

When they are acting as the personality of one of their headmates, they call this "fronting"

Related to Otherkin, Multiple Systems, and Tumblr social justice activist
I was so out of it I blacked out and one of my headmates took over and drove the car home.
by psuedon April 7, 2013
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