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Quish is a word that came to me in a dream. A QUISH is a LEAF EATING FISH. A school of QUISH is called a SQUISH. Fuck all these other moronic wanabee definitions for the word quish.
Daddy, your quish ate my favorite leaf! DoiNGy blab putnam SQUISH~'%?
by porltunzik October 02, 2007
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Refers to any number of caffinated beverages (usually coffee) whose effects have been augmentented by an amphetamine based stimulant.

The preservation of the sacred self through creative pursuit, usually fueled by ego purging drug-binges, sleep deprivation, and the altering of antique furniture to better suit one's needs.
I made you some elvisian coffee. If you don't want it, I'll definitely drink it

I used to stay up for days at a time, hate sleeping, and really feel as though I was burning in the fire of life. I was living the elvis way. I was elvisian.
by porltunzik July 10, 2008
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