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A derivation of the derogatory word spic Spicalicious is not used as an insult, but rather a fun and friendly word to describe a cool or hot hispanic.
"Look at Gabriella Hispanic"

"Yeah man, she is definately spicalicious!"
by porchmonkey August 20, 2006
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Dumbass americans who make the job of the current president 10 times more difficult than it should be with their protesting his every move.
People who have act un-patriotic, but get offended when they are called so. Even though they show no support for our troops overseas.
Hypocrites who would fly the american flag following 9/11 on their cars, offices, homes etc. but would denounce and be ashamed of it when our government tries to seek justice for the acts wronged.
Even bigger hypocrites for wanting to feel safe, and crying that we need to feel safer, but attack bush when he proposes a great idea that has been proven to work against terrorism.
Pot smoking hippies who rather put a tree's life or a dolphin's life before the life of his fellow american.
People who are ok with having lost 18 soldiers oversees, and for sake of losing face or another soldier decide not to seek justice and pull out. (That's you clinton)
Dumbasses who complain that bush shouldn't be in power, saying that he got placed by the supreme court, but who seem to forget that bush was rightly voted into office for the SECOND time in 04.
Angry and bitter people who are upset that they no longer have control of the government and most likely wont for a long long time.
"Did you see those liberals protesting against the war"?

"Yeah, they're also a member of the ACLU"

"That's funny, so they get to enjoy civil liberties, and fights when they are challenged, but they are against the people from the middle east having the same liberties?!"

"That's how they are, fucking hippies"
by porchmonkey August 20, 2006
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