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One of the kindest people in the world. They will always help you 100% of the time. They dont talk shit about other religions. They dont fly planes into buildings. they don't come knocking at your door to try and convert you. I think They are the greatest people on earth!

-im catholic, and i have tremendous respect for this religion.
" Buddhist are one of the most peacefull loving people on earth, they dont even kill bugs "

guy1: man that's peacefull
by poopster August 24, 2005

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One of the best places to live, people who visit don't understand the city and often have differnt opinions. There is so much diversity so racist may not want to live here or visit, plus we dont want you here go back to georgia, but if your cool with mexicans, asians, blacks, whites, and ect... you shouldn't have a problem fitting in.

Los angeles is the most important city in the west, with out L.A. All of the South West would be screwd. Los angeles has the greatest amount of rail that connects the entire United states, so all you arizonins driving your Honda Civics remember all those cars came from the ShipYards from Los Angeles and Long Beach and were railed to your shity desert.

Apart from being always related to movies and T.v. Los Angeles is the economic capital of all the west, there are so many jobs here and once you are old enough to drive legaly there are endless ammount of places you can go to have fun and just relax.

The subway system is still under construction in some areas, but most of the subway has been finished a long time ago. All of which lead to everywhere important. Bad thing is you really need car or you'll be on a train and bus for hrs. GOod news freeways are gonna be renovated and the city is cleaning up both gang related and beautifully.
Development is now rising up like NEW YORK, Tall Apartment buildings are immenint in the Future and even know you can see them develop.
Los Angles the most hated and misunderstood city. whats funny We dont give a damn.
by poopster August 23, 2005

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The act of wacking someone in the face or eye with a penis.
That chick got mushroom thumped so hard it left a permanent scar!
by poopster February 12, 2003

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