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When a man ejaculates into a woman's ass hole and proceeds to fuck her girlfriend doggy style while plowing her face into the semen on her girlfriends ass
There is a storm in the forecast so I am going to call Mary and Kate and start the Pennsylvania Snow Plow
by Poonslayer6969 February 12, 2014
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The state of mind acquired upon participating in excessive amounts of substance abuse to the point of achieving and surpassing the wonderful feeling of being "turnt." Most often resulting in loss of memory of all activities from the previous night.
"Dude, I got so turnt yesterday night!"

"I was U-turnt (throws up gang sign because substance is still causing silly behavior) I woke up next to Pikachu and had a pokeball tattood across my face!"
by Poonslayer6969 June 14, 2013
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The act of inserting your penis in to a woman's mouth, without the girl performing any type of sucking or blowing. Simply sitting there with a penis lodged in her oral cavity, keeping it there for extended periods of time (e.g. 20 minutes to an hour). Usually an act performed by those of the Mormon (LDS) religion, since some asshole made a rule that they can't have any sort of sexual fun before marriage.
Dave told me he went cave dwelling with Kim for like 45 minutes last night.

Yeah, he gave her a fat grizzly bear when he finished...
by poonslayer6969 October 09, 2011
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