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Quite literally the greatest thing to come out of Scotland since Balamory. Or possibly Burns. A band that is both thoughtful and entertaining (which doesn't happen often).
Anthony, bullied at school
Get your own back now you are cool
Or are you scared bunking off though you're a toff
It's all gone wrong again, you've got Double Maths

But the teachers got no control
The boys all run riot
"You all stay quiet or you will die"

Tony, at the back of the gym
Smoke another one, your chances are slim,
'Cause here they come again
And they got you on the ground
tasting blood again
At least it's your own

When will you realize it doesn't pay
To be smarter than teachers, smarter than most boys
"So Shut your mouth, start kicking the football"
Bang on the teeth you are off for a week, boy

(From 'Dear Catastrophe Waitress')
by poned April 01, 2005

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The source of all morality, reasoned thought and social cohesion in the last 3000 years.
MAN 1 - Let's go kill some shit.
MAN 2 - Wait.... remember God?
MAN 1 - Oh shit, yeah.
by poned April 01, 2005

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The scariest AI since HAL. A new experiment with Artificial Intelligence that will, undoubtedly, scare the shit out of you if you talk to it for too long.
"Fuck off, intellijerk"
"I'll remember that when robots take over the world, User."
by poned May 31, 2005

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In Gaming; A unit or object which has invisible properties.
Stealth Nuclear Submarines? Poned!
by poned April 01, 2005

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