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A feeling one gets of being nostalgic for a period of time or place they had never been. Coined by Ryan Norths Dinosaur Comics.
"Aww, man, I have really big feeling of protonostalgia today. I wish I could have been a caveman. I wish I had a club and killed Sabre-tooth tigers. Wouldn't that be sweet?"
by pleiades September 4, 2007
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The act of taking a massive shit, often after eating a large amount of sushi.

After effects may include: paint peeling off of the walls, temporary loss of smell and life, needing a new toilet, etc.,
"Oh, man! I just took a massive Krentz!"

"Is he Krentzing in there?"
"Yes, we'd better evacuate to a safe 4,000 meter radius."
by pleiades June 16, 2013
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