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This is a University in western PA that consistently has a very good basketball program. They had a solid football program in the 1970's, but before that and since then have been fair at best. Pitt fans like to consider Penn State a rival, but in actuality, Pitt belongs in the same class as Temple and Slippery Rock. It does Penn State no good to have Pitt on their schedule. PSU's schedule is already criticized for being weak. This is justified due to the recent struggles of Big 10 teams in bowl games. Adding Pitt or any other inferior team would only add to the criticism though.
PSU is 7-1 vs. Pitt in the last 8 meetings. PSU is ranked in the top 10 nationally (7th). Pitt is ranked in the top 10 within the western third of Pennsylvania (5th).
by pittfansall2ofthem September 08, 2009
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