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One whose level of fail is as yet unseen and unprecedented in scope.
Larry had failed in such a new and inventive way, he could truly be called a failblazer.
by pir8matt June 28, 2011
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Shockings n. An article of clothing such as stockings or spandex leggings that produce a feeling of shock, awe, and/or nausea.
You should have seen the shockings she was wearing. It was like she was walking around with no pants. And at a baby shower, of all places!
by pir8matt May 09, 2011
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A gathering, after ones death, where a specific amount of time is set aside to talk shit and generally cut through the bullshit associated with the passing of a loved one, friend, acquaintance, etc.
"Honest discussion about Ralphs porn addiction and booger-eating will be discussed at the Roastmortem"
by pir8matt July 20, 2010
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