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The one you meet on a cruise, when you look into his eyes during a solar eclipse on the lido deck. When your heart is so happy you feel as though you will wake up from this dream, but you dont want to. You are so excited when you see his name on your phone you start screaming and people wonder if you have a mental problem. You think about him every second of the day and how you are longing to be with him. When other people talk to you, you wish it was him telling you he feels the same way. More commonly and only used between a boy named Todd and a girl named Jennifer.when he flies back to see you again (now thats permazing) sometimes used for when you feel so distant and the only thing that can bring you close is this word. When you like this person as much as all the grains of sand in the universe, and he likes you as much as every proton on earth, and you like him as much as every song on itunes. Thats when you use this word. But this only works between Jennifers and Todds.
Todd: You are so amazing
Jennifer: you are so perfect
Jennifer and todd: togather we are permazing
by pinkgirlygirlxoxo March 12, 2009
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