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The new image of the avril lavigne poser
hannah montana fan: Lyke 0mGzz Hav3 cHu s33N HaNN@ah's nU Vid3o?

non-hannah fan: if you're talking about the one where's she dressed like a wannabe poser and finally got rid of her weave then yeah I've seen it

hannah montana fan: O: waT3v3r iMM@ buY H3r cD
by pink_is_metal January 04, 2008

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One kick ass anime show.
Based on Vampires and Humans.
Started airing in 2008 but has yet to air in the US, meanwhile airing in TV Tokyo.

The plot line consist on a school. Which there's day-school (Humans) and night-school (Vampires).

Yūki is a adoptive daughter of the headmaster of Cross Academy and a perfect (Guardian) that protects the day-school humans from the night-school vampires.
Afterwords she falls in love with her friend Kaname who is a vampire and Zero.

Kaname: Pure blooded Vampire, pretty hooooot ^^

Zero: lost his parents from a pure blooded vampire so was also adopted by the headmaster of Cross Academy and a perfect (Guardian). Falls in love with Yūki but was bitten by a pure blood. Yūki doesn't know. He's not a pure blood yet but a half vampire/ half human.

Level E: When you're turn into a pure blooded Vampire.

Although they do attend the same school, the Vampires do not attack the Humans, they take tablets to calm their fetishes.

Pretty frickin' sweeeeeet gotta see it :D
Lost Vampire Knight Episode xD

Yūki: "Zero!" "Zero!" "Zero!"

*Runs to Zero's dorm*
*Opens door*

Yūki: "Zero how could you?"

*Finds Kaname on Zero's face in room together, sitting on bed*

Zero: "ahhhh wait, this look what it looks like!!!"

by pink_is_metal December 28, 2008

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A girl with black hair, and white skin (can look like alice cooper in a girly/ hot way)
Amazingly hilarious, very friendly, smart and retarded (in a good way)
Loves 60's - 80's music and hardcore or metal.
and actually thinks loud burps and games are cool, can beat you at guitar hero.
student: dude, whoes that chick with the black and white skin?

kidd; that's brenda fool, she's funny and has good taste in music
by pink_is_metal November 03, 2008

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Basically Guitar Hero on Nintendo DS, It's crap!
Theirs not Orange Tab
Effects look crappy
How the hell can a lefty play?
The commercial is gay
Little kids rock out to it

12 year old: "ZOMG! I just did expert on my Guitar Hero on Tour OMG OMG!"

Real Guitar hero player: "Fuck you, Try it on real Guitar Hero"

Hands Guitar hero to 12 year old: *confused on expert*
"I can't play cause your game sucks dick"
by Pink_is_metal March 29, 2008

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