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A typo of "angry" OR "angsty". The uncertainty principle takes effect as this word is defined simultaneously by each word individually, as a combination of both, and by neither. The irony lies in the reaction of people that read the word, as they can get angry and/or angsty trying to figure out which one it is.
<Matt> :(
* Matt writes angty blog
<Nate> ?! D:
by phokeu October 24, 2008
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An onomatopoeia for dicking in and out of dry vagina. Usually used as a verb (see example), but can be used as a noun if you're cool enough.
verb I just scrogged my way out of unemployment.

noun What the scrog did that girl put in her vagina to treat my dick so much like sandpaper?
by phokeu November 12, 2006
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