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Wait for your victim to fall asleep and then sit on their face draping your nutsack into their mouth.
Tap them a couple times and then they will wake up with a familiar sound of chewbacca. BRAWWWWWWWWR!
Ted fell asleep watching Star Wars Episode 1 so I woke him up with a chewbag.
by phiziKz January 05, 2005

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ImmortalSacrifice is a stupid fag that goes on irc.webchat.org. He thinks he's cool and 'leet' But infact he's a silly little fag. He also thinks he's some kind of online player..
..Most girls like him for 2 days and then.. hate him for the rest of there lives. (let's not mention he's an hideous spotty fucker)
ImmortalSacrifice has no real meaning what-so-ever, No matter how you portray it. And to use it as an 'online name' is totally stupid.
by phizikz October 25, 2004

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