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Phan is a ship that is between two YouTubers, Danisnotonfire (aka Dan Howell, phil trash #1) and AmazingPhil (aka Phil Lester, flower child) This ship is known well for taking over peoples lives. If you are a living organism, you most likely ship phan, because honetly, even Phan ships Phan. Phan is often known for doing cute things together like, dancing to Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran, making collab videos, getting married in 2022, and living together. If you have never heard of phan the smart thing to do is: RUN AND DONT LOOK BACK, ESCAPE IT BEFORE IT TAKES YOU. That is a quote that many phandom members use when describing phan.
I ship Phan so much! They are such a cute couple!
by phil trash #2 August 06, 2015

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a video Phil made for Dan basically expressing his love as a gift for Valentines Day but they claim it was an April Fools joke. Also the phandom doesn't ever talk about it, it's aka "the video that shall not be named" or every now and then "the video" or "the thing" because many are scared to talk about it. It's to respect Phil and also Dans privacy, that's why we don't speak of it, or watch it. Besides, it's very hard to find it on the internet nowadays.
phangirl 1: "Wow! did you see the valentines Day video?!"
phangirl 2: "yeah! the video that shall not be named!"
by Phil trash #2 August 22, 2015

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