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A super power being that despite their best efforts, they are always better than everyone at everything they do.
Kamen is not a rosasco because he sucks at everything

by Peyton Manning April 13, 2009

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An Eastern European dance and song approach to hit on women that are attractive. The Entchev involves mostly singing loud metal songs, doing the tango and hoisting the girl on his shoulders. The move never works as the girl thinks he is creepy.
That guy is trying to pull the entchev on that lady in the bar and he looks ridiculous. He failed and he is clearly drunk.
by Peyton Manning July 08, 2014

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JIMAAA is the ultimate and coolest person ever. They are so gangsta and everybody knows it. Only very cool and awesome people can pull off a nickname like JIMAAA. They are ridiculously athletic at every sport and they have a vendetta against the spleen. they often drive red sports cars and break many limbs. they are always right, no matter what and they have so many talents, like ninja skills, comedian skills, pie eating skills, milk chugging skills, accordion skills. they also fight dragons in their spare time with their jedi light saber
look at JIMAAA
he's so cool
by Peyton Manning April 30, 2009

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An Irish red-haired person who slacks at everything they do. They are failures and have an annoying laugh. They are extremely aggresive and violent so stay away from them. They are creepers.
Glenn Taylor beat up a hippie going to work and got fired and The Spleen died
by Peyton Manning March 05, 2009

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one of those girls thats ugly, but who you still wanna fuck.
that girl is far from hot, but shes such a bloagan.
by peyton manning March 28, 2005

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