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Would be better off without the human race.
Earth would be the the nicest place in the solar system, but noooo!
by person yo-yo August 25, 2003

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Something really cool.
Person yo-yo is da bomb!
by person yo-yo August 02, 2003

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1.To imply that one has done something stupid, accompanied with a slap on one's head.
2.Homer Simpson's catch phrase.
Homer (after walking into a wall):
by person yo-yo October 04, 2003

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a famous cello player with a kick-ass
no example
by person yo-yo April 22, 2003

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Losers buy SUVs to make up for their microscopic dicks.
by person yo-yo July 01, 2003

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A very funny tv show, staring a kid named Brendon.
The g-hobo: "wanna watch home movies?".
Yo mama: "sure!".
by person yo-yo August 21, 2003

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