25 definition by peanut

bongzilla is a large thingy that looks like that stuff that you find in your bellybutton. not really sure what the cat has to do with it but its involved.
oww, bongzilla bit me
by Peanut April 12, 2005

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A country with its very own people being assimilated without it knowing. So much for "democratic society based on justice and equality." Where is the democracy and equality if people are being assimilated and everyone choosing the same choice? When person chooses to live in a rich lifestyle, should everyon sacrifice what they have for such too?
If every Singaporean live in a Condo, works hard and get high wages, pay high gov't taxes.....doesn't it sound like: COMMUNISM?
by Peanut February 14, 2005

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One gram.
Give me a grizzy for a dub.
by peanut March 15, 2004

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God Damn Independent. Has No affiliation in the Greek world. Many GDI'd are looked down upon. If someone in a Fraternity or Sorority would happen to see a GDI you would most likely feel compelled to Kick there ass.
Hey man lets got beat that kids ass for being a GDI.
by Peanut March 08, 2005

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