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That nagging cough you get that never gets too bad but also never goes away despite being perfectly healthy otherwise, taking tons of vitamins and trying all your natural home-remedies. A direct result of breathing chemicals (barium and aluminum) sprayed into the atmosphere by the government.
"Dang, I've been drinking tons of tea and using my neti pot but I still can't shake this chemtrail cough, must be from that grid they sprayed last week."
by peacechicken January 10, 2012
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Someone who arrives at a conspiracy theory before it's cool or well known-- i.e. before it's posted on Infowars or Reddit.
Ron: "I thought Building 7 was suspicious before Loose Change was even released."

Stefan: "You're such a smart hipster conspiracy theorist."
by peacechicken December 22, 2012
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The declining purchasing power of the US Dollar as evidenced by the ever-increasing price of once cheap ramen noodles.
Dennis: "I can't believe a package of Oriental Top Ramen is over 40 cents now!"

Ron: "Yep, thanks to the Federal Reserve's non-stop creation of 'money' and the US Government funding endless war with endless debt, we're seeing some serious ramenflation."
by peacechicken April 26, 2013
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