2 definitions by paypal2

Term used to describe absolutely destroying someone/making them hold that phat ass L/GgEzNoRe'ing someone. There is no counter attack for this because the word has an automatic no no u rule and no reverse card.
You: *Destroying some kid*
You: Hey Ron go devdify that ugly ass kid.
by paypal2 September 19, 2019
Something you say to those people who are being loud as hell when it's early in the morning
Basically another way to say shut the fuck up
Loud freshman kid at 7:00 AM when school just started: OMG TODAY IS GOING TO BE A GREAT DAY! I FINALLY BOUGHT A PROM TICKET! I' M GOING TO-
Me: Kid it's too early., so shut your ass up.
by paypal2 September 20, 2019