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FTR Canada is actually the best friend of the United States of America as opposed to that "great piece of crap" up north. And also for the most part Canadians and Americans do like each other so this "bitching" you so talk about doesn't really apply except to minority groups.
Person 1: What's that great piece of crap up north?

Person 2: That's no piece of crap at all loser, that's Canada the best friend of the United States of America.

Person 1: OK
by Paul Ward June 03, 2007
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You people might want to do something about the chips on your shoulders. Good grief only neanderthals assume that because a person of a certain nationality talks in a certain way or does something to a certain animal then everyone else does it. Steve Irwin has just died numbnuts. He was a bloody legend in every sense of the word, who had a great passion for his promotion of the Australian environment and wildlife. I was shocked to read of his death this afternoon so will you flaming chip-on-the-shoulder ridden clowns do something good for yourselves and knock them off?

RIP Steve
Steve Irwin wasn't perfect but he did have a bloody heart of gold.
by Paul Ward September 04, 2006
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A mostly great and beautiful land of generally intelligent people who are not racist. As has already been stated, Australians have a friendly rivalry going with New Zealand. However, despite the sheep jokes the "fish and chips" bit there is a fondness for New Zealand behind it all. Despite Australia's image being "tarnished" recently, Australia will be able to hold her head high when little Johnny retires. The problem is, however, there is no alternative government to vote for.

Despite sentiments to the contrary, Australian society as a whole is not that racist. Hell, there are so many cultures living in Australia aren't there, you are bound to have a few tensions from time to time. I think it is important that people realise only a minority of Australians are racist thugs. The rest, are great people.
Australia is not perfect but then, where is?
by Paul Ward July 22, 2006
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A beautiful land that doesn't masquerade as a Commonwealth country it is one. There are pockets of racism, xenophobia and whatnot, but there a lot of positives and these should be celebrated. I know someone from there who thought it was crap and then he spent a year in Europe well actually the main purpose of his trip was to be an airport bum checking out the airports over there, and let's just say he didn't think so after that.
Australia rocks. It's airports rock too.
by Paul Ward October 24, 2006
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The biggest city in New Zealand. By Australian and world standards needs to catch up in terms of public transport and livability, although I think this is starting to happen so I am not bitching too much.
Auckland and Wellington are New Zealand's largest cities.
by Paul Ward September 05, 2006
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A condition where a person cannot find sleep, and therefore life enjoyment goes out the window. I consider myself a chronic insomniac and have been this way for the past month and so I do not know when I will ever have a good night's sleep again.
I wish this insomnia would end and I can slip off into dreamland as opposed to slitting my wrists.
by Paul Ward March 25, 2007
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Damn right. Canada is a brilliant country, not without it's faults but what country doesn't have them. Other countries (Canada's close friends and allies) all have their good and bad points too. Let's stop this sledging off of one another and try and get on.
Person one: Canada rocks.

Person two: Yes yes it does.
by Paul Ward May 29, 2007
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