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1. A person who is born in Mexico; a citizen of Mexico.
2. A person who has ancestry or is ethnically from Mexico.
3. Term used, especially on the west coast, California, and southwestern states of the U.S., for all hispanics from Latin America. In other parts of the U.S., such as the east coast states and Florida, terms such as "Puerto Rican"/ "Hatian" and "Cuban"/ "Hatian" are used in place of "Mexican" to describe hispanics of those regions. It is mostly used for hispanics of low socioeconomic classes or from urban inner city areas, who are usually immigrants settling in those regions of the country in enormous numbers and sometimes, are perceived as burdening the state economies with unemployment while infesting those regional cultures with very large legal and illegal influxes of poor non-assimilatory populations. These immigrant populations usually do not assimilate at all into mainstream culture i.e. learn simple English, mingle with other cultures, attend college, etc. and this then tends to lead to cultural and linguistic isolation, economic hardship, low-income hispanic populations living forever on welfare, disgruntled youth and racial misunderstandings. It is used as a derogatory term.
"Goddamnit! All I see whenever I go to the malls here, are a bunch of loud and rude Mexicans. I started looking for a job back in Boston cus this place is just too overrun with Mexicans!"
by paradise December 23, 2005
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