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BEST FUCKING HEAVY METAL BAND IN THE WORLD. they created a whole new genre, and without them all the little hardcore bands wouldn't be here today. They have a variety of sounds, each album has a different sound. They have the best line up too...best guitarist you could ask for (Dimebag Darrell), best vocalist (Phil Anselmo), best drummer (Vinnie Paul), and a damn good bassist (Rex Brown).
Cowboys From Hell is the song that Pantera is widely known for.
by panterarized February 25, 2005

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avenged sevenfold are very original compared to some of the bands of today. they clash metal, hardcore, and punk all into one unique style. they have influences from Pantera to NoFX to Queen, and that is what makes them the kick ass band that they are.
the line up is M. Shadows- vocals, Synyster Gates-lead guitar, Zacky Vengeance- rhythm guitar, Johnny Christ-bass, The Reverend- drums.

This band can play both Ozzfest and Warped tour, they will fit in anywhere.
The first A7X CD, Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, is more punk/hardcore. The second CD, Waking the Fallen, is more on the metal side.
by panterarized February 25, 2005

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