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Changing the course of a bad situation by stopping to have a beer.
The first party we went to was super douchey but we staged a Mexican recovery and found a much better one soon afterwards.
by panopticonopolis March 27, 2015
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The act of citing a source to support a hypothesis and burying the reference in a footnote or endnote that, once investigated, turns out to be irrelevant, spurious or entirely fictitious.

Similar to quote-stuffing, a common practice in academic paper-writing, but not to be confused with quote mining.
I was trying to track down that juicy reference that Malcolm Gladwell dropped about what Nietzsche said about cell phones but it turned out to be total quote-laundering.
by panopticonopolis December 01, 2011
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When a class discussion is hijacked by a rambling, tangential and eventually irrelevant but wholly derailing observation, grievance or out-and-out rant by one of the class participants.
We were in our final session on behavioral economics and this woman started classjacking the discussion into the moral underpinnings and motivations of the study of economics, behavioral or otherwise.
by panopticonopolis November 10, 2009
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