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adjective describing a person, particularly a female, who has a great body but the face is of questionable beauty. Not just a butterface, but a butterface with a hot body.

Cover the Face, fuck the base.
Dude 1: Hey, check out that fine ass!
fine ass turns around.
Dude 2: Where!? realizes the ugly face dude, shes got a nasty ass face.
Dude 1: ahh, but shes got a nice ass.
Dude 2: Ok, shes paperbaggable.

by Pandapanda June 01, 2007
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When two guys hang out, usually doing nothing of importance. It's often just two guys being bored. It is not considered a sausagefest or gay. Most of the time during a two-man hang is spent waiting for a third person to break the two-man hang.

Since dudes generally hate two-man hangs, it is often considered a prerequisite for the dude to hang out.

Girls don't have an eqivalent.
over the phone.
Jack: Hey, I'm bored, wanna hang?
John: With who else?
Jack: No one yet.
John: Errr.. I don't want a two-man hang...
Jack: Ok.. I'll see if I could get Jeff.
by pandapanda June 16, 2007
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When at a party without a paid DJ, whoever controls the music has "DJ position." The host could either pick a DJ, or if there is no specified DJ, a person can take control. In this case the DJ must follow the following rules:

1. All requests are to be granted.
2. Never play the same song twice.
3. Allow others to look through the library.
4. Never play two songs with the same artist in a row.
5. NEVER stop a song during play. Unless rule 6 applies.
6. If a game is going to be played by all or most of the partiers, during the explanation of the rules, the music must be turned down or paused depending on the importance of the song. A song is paused if it should be finished to be heard once the game starts.

It is considered a party foul if the DJ doesn't follow these rules. Especially when people are fighting over music.

If you are a requester, then you can not request two songs to be played consecutively. If you have to leave the room during the playing of your song, even to go to the bathroom, you can not ask for it to be played again. You shouldn't sit around while your song is being played, you must dance. This shows the DJ appreciation.

Often, there will not be a single DJ throughout the entire party, in that case if you control DJ position, and you leave, you can not take it back. You move your feet, you lose your seat in this case, no seat check. If a person controls DJ position for more than two songs, then he/she must abide by the 6 rules stated above.
She was hogging DJ position and played all the songs she knows I hate, what a bitch.

Dude, don't stop the song while everybody is dancing! PARTY FOUL!

I hate when someone takes DJ position just to play their songs, even though nobody wants to dance to that.
by pandapanda June 14, 2007
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