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English phrase intended as a blatant lie to obscure an act of poor judgment on one's part. Originated with regard to making horrible statements on Twitter, of course, but can really be used in just about any situation and be as believable.
Child - Mom, you were supposed to pick me up from school at 3:30 today.
Mom (obviously drunk) - My Twitter account was hacked.
by paleoderek November 20, 2014

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abbr. "Shut your whore mouth". Often used in IM, and texting.
OMG! SYWM and stay away from by BF!
by paleoderek July 29, 2009

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v., onomatopoeia for the sound that Gmail chat makes when someone sends you an instant message.
Hold on, someone just glonked me.
by paleoderek September 09, 2011

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