43 definition by pablo

Fucking Out Of Control
Beth: you're crazy
Paul: No, I AM FOOC!
by Pablo September 15, 2004

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One of the seven gods of the chaos, the god of life and dead, only aeoris, god of the order, con compar his power with yandros
by Pablo November 07, 2003

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A place so beautiful and tranquil that it pierces the very depth of your soul. IT is the ultimate in chill and comfort.
<Davidz> Peace
by Pablo February 08, 2003

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A fan of the radio presenter Tommy Boyd and his show 'The Human Zoo.' Boyders are also known to populate #tommyboyd on irc.
by Pablo February 07, 2003

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When a man is having relations with a woman and "doesn't mind riding it, but wouldn't want his mates seeing him on it"
"Bernie has got himself a moped bird - he must be sick of hand shandies"
by Pablo February 29, 2004

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Widzew - the greatest football club in Poland.
&#322;ks i legie ciagnie laski Widzewowi
by Pablo October 30, 2004

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a blowjob
"Get to your knees bitch. I want a sooker."
by Pablo October 04, 2003

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