2 definitions by ouchinthetickle

1. When an individual or group of individuals opt to join a cult wherein one is to deny themselves the simple pleasures of hygiene. Every two years, one of them is given the chance to venture out into society to spread "the word". When this individual is seen in the general population, CONTACT PRECAUCTIONS dictates that no sane person should attempt to physically contact that person, even by phone, lest he or she catch even the idea of the whiff of this skanky person's stank.
Kelsey's cousin, Herman, is in town since joining that poopy cult. It would be advised to practice Contact Precautions against that snood.
by ouchinthetickle May 5, 2009
It's a Ding-Dong. A very floppy, unnaturally long set of wedding tackle.
"Hey, did you get a look at that guy's Schwibbity Schwab? It nearly touched the floor. I don't know whether to be amazed, horrified, or excited."
by ouchinthetickle May 1, 2009