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An old 80's term (used in the film Better Off Dead) which basically described an emo individual. Basically a guy that shows their soft side because of a female and becomes a tard.
"Ever since Johnny started dating Jen he's become a spastic nerdfag."
by orgo September 03, 2004
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a person, typically female, that would allow more than one sexual organ to be inserted into more than one orifice of their body at one time and consent legally to let someone record the act on film. Any person that invokes sexual fanatsies at first glance that involves complex camera angles.
When I saw Jeena lean over to get a drink of water all I could think about it what you call the knob of skin between a girl's cunt and her asshole..what a goddamn pornhole(fap,fap,fap)!
by orgo December 02, 2003
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A freakiness that parallels the oven from Little Rascals that went "NyiD!..WAAAAAD"
That biatch on the train was wearin' that nyidwad boa made of cat asses.
by orgo December 02, 2003
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