2 definitions by ooOOgreGOOoo

Mainly what people do on here to get rid of other peoples definitions.. Quite like some sort of contest.
Hey, is your definition fer hawgg watta on the compulater yet?

Nah.. Some city boi musta gawn-dun deleted it.
by ooOOgreGOOoo June 27, 2005
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A canadian music channel, that plays all kind of things. They have french stuff, boring stuff, and awesome stuff. Personally I like MuchMoreMusic more, its also canadian but has more informational shows about "the bands you love"
Freddy: Hey jim-bill pass me that there clicker

Jim-Bill: Thats a hog's ear I've been munchin' on

Freddy: Garn-dungit I just wawnted ta watch the Much Music see what they got bou blue grass n britney spears
by ooOOgreGOOoo June 27, 2005
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