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the amount of anal sex some-one has per week. measured in cocks per hour.

Unit: cph
omg dunstan has an anal intake of 10cph
by omfgscrub February 26, 2006

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anal debris are the little bits of crap that come flopping out your anus after the penis is withdrawn out of the anus.
Oh my god Dunstan you've got some serious anal debris going on. *after being done up the bum by adam*
by omfgscrub January 12, 2006

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One who is extremely vigilant of open (or closed) anuses and likes to ram their penis into the anal track at every given moment. This is a cross between your eveyday vigilant citizen and a anal whore; forming a super being who ramms penis into dirt tracks like a penis plumber. An extremist version of the Anal Frigulator to put it simply.
Dunstan, you're such an anal vigilante, your trying to insert your penis into my anal depths. STOP!
by omfgscrub January 04, 2006

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