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ggdub (jee jee dub)

Girls Gone Weed; Females who wish to blaze and do so on a daily looking all hot and shit. ;]

"The whole idea was born when we fogged the 4-runner while we were on a drive down the California coast line looking for waves or a suntan, ideally both."
I love ggdub.

Cali and Hawaiian hotties are usually ggdub.

Females ggdubbed are the bomb digity.
by oishii January 30, 2007
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Spoet (spoh it)

1. A horny little bird who resembles a chicken but sports a hair do like Elvis and writes with a quill; this bird enjoys popping up in random places and either dumps your heartfelt letters or faps to your maxims.
Spoet is in yur mailbox fappin to yur maxims!

"Spoet's all up in the mix like fuckin betty crocker." -Spoet Himself

"dude spoets are fuckin awesome..lmfao..." -TDizzle

"I had a spoet until he lost one of my paychecks and I had to kick his ass." - AndThenThereWasBlunt

"I do not want to kill shit, nut why are people chatting about spoet here, mainly the guys. It gay. People should keep up with bud talk." =bRi=

by oishii January 24, 2007
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