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When a woman complains or annoys anyone around her about something that hasn't been done the second she asks for it.
Wife: "Will you do the dishes?"
Husband: "After the game."
Wife: "When is it over?"
Husband: "Soon."
Wife: "How soon?"
Husband's friends: "That's some nag reflex right there."
by ognihs July 14, 2009
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the act of flipping out when someone accidentally walks into cobwebs, or something similar. usually characterized by flailing arms, turning the head/face, wiping down ones body, scratching and swearing. not a good look.
you need to start cleaning your house, i had an aracnapoleptic fit when i walked in.
by ognihs June 20, 2007
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when you go to answer a vibrating cell phone only to find out it was never vibrated; any time you find yourself imagining that your phone is vibrating in one of your pockets. aka "phantom vibration syndrome."
i'm getting serious vibranxiety waiting for this bitch to call back.
by ognihs June 20, 2007
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