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Italian slang for 'the evil eye.' Basically it has similar meaning to the stink eye, but is scarier because it is given by evil little Italian women who then damn you for eternity for doing them harm, doing their family harm, or going against their will.
"Yeah, but you can't say that to Nonna, or she'll put the malocchio on you."
by oboemastah July 15, 2008
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A language that is impossible to learn, because every Italian citizen speaks it differently.
My grandparents both claim to speak Italian, but they don't understand eachother.
by oboemastah June 26, 2007
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A woman of italian heritage who has 3 or more kids, each with no less than 9 names each (not including the surname).
Usually tries to force feed everyone who walks through the door of her house, exclaiming how they don't eat well at home and look too thin. Always cooking and barely ever sits.
Italian Mother : "Cara mia, here, sit, you look thin, mangia bambina!"
Houseguest with no hunger: "I'm not hungry Mrs. Donatello"
Italian Mother : "Ok, yeah, I make you something."
by oboemastah July 27, 2007
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A semi-sucessful children's cartoon show from the early 2000s. Featuring a cartoon version of Chinese Martial Artist and movie star Jackie Chan and fictional friends. The episodes would conclude with supposed questions from young fans for Jackie. He would try to answer them to the best of his abillity, but his lack of being able to speak English caused him to fail and he'd wind up saying a sentence of random words.
Wow, on Jackie Chan Adventures, Jackie really sucks ass at English.
by oboemastah June 26, 2007
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