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"The northern parts" is another name for the UK, because when you a somebody from there where they live, they'll respond, "I live in the northern parts". There is also the "southern parts".
Guy1: Yo crine, where are you from?
Guy2: I think he's from the the northern parts.
Crine: How did you know Guy2?
by oblockshooter November 11, 2018
Similar to Balls to the wall this can mean to go very fast, however the plural "wall" adds more of a mental picture of everyone involved putting their "balls to the walls". This is used mostly when one wants everyone to try their best and perform well.
Guy1: "Fuck, we're down 15 points in the first half"
Guy2: "I know what we need to do"
Guy1: "What?"
Guy2: "We're finna go balls to the walls, and clap cheeks!"
by oblockshooter December 24, 2018
This is a very effective insult used in online gaming. Not only are you asserting dominance, but you are also telling them that they are black and a slave. This is a term coined by the great fortnite player named "adjoinFRAGS".
Guy1: "Adjoin, you're trash, kid"
adjoinFRAGS: "Shut the fuck up kid I own your family"
Guy1: *shuts up*
by oblockshooter December 22, 2018
The 1-2 is when you punch somebody once with one hand, and then quickly punch them again with the other hand. This is also known as the 1-2 mayweather, named after the UFC fighter.
I got into a fight yesterday and he wasn't covering himself so I hit him with the 1-2 and he went down.
by oblockshooter November 12, 2018
The tay-k switcheroo's name comes from Tay-K's song, "Hard" where he says "She thought she touched my cock but my glock very hard"

Therefore, a "Tay-K Switcheroo" is when one tricks a girl into having sexual intercourse with a foreign object that is in fact, not the man's penis.
"I Tay-K Switcheroo'd" that chick because I swear she got Herpes or somethin' and I don't want none of that"
by oblockshooter December 24, 2018