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When a girl or woman allows a man to touch her breasts and/or vagina, but does not have sex with him because she only just met him. The origin is a reference to summer camp experiences where young girls have their first sexual contact.
(Two girls talking) Girl 1: "Hey girl I saw you talking with Oliver at the Bootsy Collins show last night, did you two go all the way?", Girl 2: "Nah, I just let him get some Summer Camp"
by ollie boombayay March 22, 2011

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The gray or muddy brown pomegranate seeds in a pomegranate fruit that has spoiled or begun to spoil.
I waited too long to eat my pomegranate and when I cut it open it was full of zombigranates.
by oLLiE boombayay February 12, 2013

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Term used by street scalpers (ticket resellers) to describe tickets located in the lower level or front section of an arena, theater, or stadium
(Two bros looking for tickets) "All these small time scalpers out here only have nosebleeds, but no lowers.", "I know bro, we might have to watch the Lakers game at the bar instead."
by ollie boombayay March 24, 2011

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Term used by street ticket scalpers (ticket resellers) to describe awful tickets that simply get you into a game or concert, but are located in the back or top of a section.
Yo Jerry, you got any lowers?", "Nah man, just some Get Me Ins
by ollie boombayay March 24, 2011

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