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Acronym for "Fragile Ultra Conservative" (noun) or FUCS (non-plural adjective) is commonly used for "Fragile Ultra Conservative Sensitivity". A term used to describe a hypocritical conservative's sensitivity to having to be sensitive. A person hypersensitive to the effort needed to not be an ignorant bigot.

A fuc (sometimes written in lowercase) is extreme-right in politics and acutely agitated by basic decency or greatly inconvenienced by human empathy; usually in conversation. The antithesis of common politeness and compassion. Fucs (as non-plural, adjective) is used to describe the coddling of bigots to avoid butthurt feelings.
I have zero fucs left for that inbred racist republican.
That redneck fuc is whiny over having to put a shirt on indoors.
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by o.loompa November 19, 2016

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1. To compulsively lie, use deception, or take fraudulent action.
2. To be obsessively obscene or compulsively repugnant.
3. A fake or a fraud of depreciating value.
4. Hypocritical lacking of self control.
Be careful of the orange used car blowhard, he might trump the deal.
His trump was showing and it made me want to vomit.
Only an obese trump would call them fat.
That cokehead is a real trump.
by o.loompa October 01, 2016

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