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From the country Laos located in Southeast Asia inbetween Thailand and Vietnam. Laotian is the language spoken. Known for our very spicy foods. Mistakenly, fallen into the category of chink or a gook which is referred to Chinese or Vietnamese peeps not Lao peeps.
Hey man...them Lao peeps always be BBQ'n.

Yo...that thum mak hoong that Lao peeps be making is hella spicy...
by Noy April 28, 2005

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Asian style emoticon (or smiley) for a "Smiling girl with curly hair". Used in SMS and e-mail. Used in Taiwan (maybe elsewhere, too).

May also be used as an abbreviation for a description (of a picture or of a live person).
CU@5PM. $^_^$ (SMS)

I'm your $^_^$ (a title of a song by Lily Li).

At gettyimages.com you can find a wonderful royalty free picture of a $^_^$ "Blowing in the wind" that might fit the cover of our book.

I am so happy having met you, my sweet $^_^$.
by noy January 10, 2013

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1. A man who masturbates (in French: branler) zillion times a day or at least pretends to be able to do so.

2. A man who cannot stop thinking about masturbating after having been watching a chick. Sexomaniac.
3. To look Brazilian - to look at a girl with an obvious intention of having sex with her (licking one's lips as if imitating a cunnilingus), or of masturbating afterwards.
Looking at those porn shaven pussies I turn Brazilian.

You can't impress me telling you're Brazilian, unless you can really f**k with me for longer than 20 minutes,

You dirty son of a bitch, don't look so Brazilian at me!
by noy May 24, 2013

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