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A girl who is strong, fearless, and always thinks with her head. When she loves you she will never detach from you because she will do whatever it takes to make you happy and smiling every day. She is one boujee ass bitch and has an impeccable fashion taste and will shine through a dark room like a disco ball. But you can never fool an Ohanna, she may not tell you but she knows everything that is going around her and will step up for herself and for her loved ones. In the end, she is one amazing, gorgeous, brave, and bad bitch.
Person 1: "Her name is Ohanna!"
Person 2: " What?! thats such a pretty name! i wish i could be like her.."
Person 1: "Sometimes life isnt fair at all"
*they both cry*
by nowhyiseverythingtaken September 13, 2021
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Aya Maria, a girl who is beloved BY ALL. She has a great passion for her goals and for the people who she truly cares for around her. She is brave, confident, and the funniest woman you will ever meet.
A random girl "hey isn't that Aya Maria?"
Another girl "YES! she's amazing i love her I wish we were friends.."
by nowhyiseverythingtaken February 16, 2022
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