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To hang on, awaiting more news on a subject.

On old dial-tuned AM radios before there were even preset buttons, it was a non-trivial task to tune into a particular station. So radio news announcers would tell their audience to stay tuned to the station if they were expecting more info on the current story."

See also: film at 11
Literally: "(crackle) explosions reported at Pearl Harbor naval base in (crackle) Hawaii...stayed tuned for more news..."

Modern: "Chad's about to tell Rachel he's been cheating on her. Stay tuned for the screaming."
by novanglus May 5, 2008
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"You're gonna want to see this."

Before there was YouTube or break.com, there was the late night local news. Announcers would come on during the commercial breaks of prime time TV shows and say whatever would get viewers to stay on that channel and watch the news. So, they'd describe something that would intrigue the viewers' curiosity, and then say "film at 11." The actual film shown at 11 rarely lives up to the hyped expectations.
literal: "Fight breaks out in downtown disco. Film at 11"

modern: "Caleb and Jack are going grocery cart surfing. Film at 11."
by novanglus May 5, 2008
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