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Something as newbie, except about the term n00bs don't want to learn, they ask for trouble and will be the first one to laugh at someone who mistakes. Here are some examples:
In runescape:
Level 1 player:Hey I was wondering if someone could help me please?
N00b:ZOMRG lollolol y0U sUk g3T a l1F3 hurhurrr !!!!!11!!!1111!!!
Level 1 player:But I just...
*N00b kills level 1 player*
N00b:lololoollol 0wN3d lololol!!!!1!11!
Level 100 player:Dude, he just asked for directions, no reason to atack him.
N00b:ZOMG sTfU!!!!1!11111!
*Level 100 player kills N00b*
N00b:ZORMG H4x0r 0wN3d!!!!1!11!11one
Level 100 player:Shut the fuck up n00b.
by not7yearoldn00b April 11, 2009
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To clear things up, I know I have posted my meaning of Neopets, but know I'll give some other information I forgot to say. Well, here we go.

Neopets was a good place where TNT and you cared about the site and users. Now it's totally screwed. TNT won't care about anything but making money from the freaking sponsors. You'll find those sponsors shits all over the site: One on the top, the bottom, and in a side, offering you celulars, weigh loss programs and dating webpages. What´s up with the "Neopets it's not a dating webpage." huh? TNT is now the unfair police of the site, they have their own rules, wich they use to warn/freeze you. In the chat they're even worse, TNT deleted the general chat, and made all the other ones look more profesional. Even worse to find:7-year old n00bs who beg for girlfriends or boyfriends and report you for no apparent reason. Yet you can't swear but n00bs can, for example:
Me:Hey please could some of you help me?
N00b:ZOMG sHuT Up yOur3 SucH n00b y0U mUsT4 FuCk YoU!!!!!!1!!!!11!
Tell them they can go fuck TNT and their pets all night long instead of asking for girlfriends.
When you lose all your hard work because of a bug, you mail TNT, if you're lucky, you'll get nothing but a crap that says:"Go to the boards, people will be more happy to help." They're WRONG! That freaking letter it's a fucking copy paste from the past. Back then, people helped you and you helped them. Now n00bs won´t stop annoying you if you ask for help.

If you want a better virtual pet site, try littlepetshop.com
N00b:H3y W11l y0U plz b m4h g33RfR13nD???
N00b:Lyk ZOMG!1!!!!1 R3p0rT1ng y0U f0r Sw34R1nG!!!!1!!1!
Me:So? Shut up, this isn't Neopets. Learn to spell, n00b.
by not7yearoldn00b April 11, 2009
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Used to be cool, 4 years ago... But now is pure crap. Why? This is why:

1-The commerzalition
Neopets used not to have commercials all
around every page, now, it has. If you go to Neopets you'll see 2 or 3 commercials in
every relationated page.

2-The n00bs
Neopets boards are so crappy. They deleted
the General Chat which used to be cool.
Now in the boards you'll see nothing but 7
year old n00bs who say:"plz b6 mY gIr1f66d".

3-Sponsor games
Almost all the new games are just promotion. Something like "SPIN THE WHEEL!". Also the new games that aren't
sponsor games, are just a friggin' rip-off
from any other game.

Now in Neopets people get freezed for no
reason. For example, you are in the chat
and you say:"Madonna sucks, I prefer
Linkin Park." equals to: Get freezed.

5-TNT favorites
TNT has their "special users" who are
defended by them, no matter how many rules
they break, they'll never be freezed.
By the other side, normal users don't do
anything, and they got freezed.

6-Obscene TNT
If you post a picture of your pet very but
VERY dressed, you got freezed. Meanwhile
TNT post their faeries and mermaids almost
naked, showing the "you know what"
everywhere in the website.

This are only ones of the reasons why Neopets sucks...
Also, many Neopets users must be fat,
lifeless bastards who think that it's awesome. So, if you want to be thin,
popular and smart, don't I mean DON'T play Neopets.
In the Neopets board...
n00bie user:OMG!1!!1one I g0t a cybuNNy!!1!
Dude: Calm down. It isn't so much awesome...
n00bie user:ZOMG r3p0t1nG y4 n00b!
by not7yearoldn00b March 28, 2009
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Also named as BSoD (Blue Screen of Death).
This thing appears in Windows because of a fatal of bigger error. You'll probaly know this shit well if you're one of the poor ones who have Windows ME.

Bill Gates made this to upgrade Windows 98.Let´s face it, Windows 98 it's a lot more stable then Windows ME. Each 30 minutes Windows ME shows the BSoF what the fuck...
If you want something better try Linux or MAC, if you still beg for Windows, try Windows XP.

"Shit, not the Blue Screen of Death again. I'll upgrade to Windows XP"
by not7yearoldn00b April 11, 2009
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